Disclaimer: *This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, ‘How exactly does one tuck in a VELO?’, you’re not alone and we’re here to clarify just that.

Here are the steps to create the perfect VELO experience; Twist the can, tuck it between the upper lip and gum and enjoy the tingling sensation for up to 30 minutes.

Wait, what’s that ‘tingle’ exactly? VELO pouches produce a sensation once you tuck it in. You’ll experience a slight tingle as the nicotine gets released. Enjoy the experience because this means the product is in active mode.

Rock that tingle anytime, anywhere! Getting ready, at your work desk, dancing at a party or hanging out with friends!

We know everyone likes to feel the tingle in their own way, which is why we have pouches available in different strengths of nicotine with a variety of flavors to choose from like Berry Frost, Polar Mint and Urban Vibe along with popular local flavours like Elaichi Blast and Paan Rush.

See which VELO suits you and remember if you’re feeling the tingle, it’s working 😉

On your own or with your squad, v are ready to tingle!

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